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Quality plan for 2010

The aim of the quality plan for 2010. year is:
-To maintain and improve the system of quality standard ISO / TS 16949:2002. Recertification of the system.
-To reach planned indicators of quality and other targets in the area of quality

Maintenance of quality system

The aims of maintaining the quality system are:
-Discrepancies discovered in internal audits to remove in the appropriate period
-Carry out internal training in quality systems
-Successful implementation of corrective and preventive actions

Systematic cooperation with suppliers and customers

In 2010. we will evaluate the five largest suppliers, like: Eybl, Michel Thierry, Okroglica, Texla and Treves.
Evaluation will be conducted annually on the basis of the quality of reception and in the production process.
Meetings are planned with users on their sites to improve the quality and to coordinate possible conflicts. Meetings will be made depending on the needs.


The quality system is based on the following indicators:
-Quality at the entrance recorded low-quality materials through PPM and suppliers evaluation as described in Section 7.3
-Quality in the process - quality indicators (trend charts), and monitoring non-quality costs
-The quality on the exit is costs for user complaints with the PPM of the user.

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